"I believe the world can be a better place through communication"

"If we can communicate with each other in a conflict,
disagreement or for a common goal, we will have
more successes and fewer failures."

"Communication is a leadership skill"

Marketing Campaigns

Pieter Cronjé will help you plan your marketing campaigns, from concept to detailed action plans.

Government Consulting

Government consulting is one of Pieter Cronjé’s specialities, and he has a great deal of experience in this area.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Pieter Cronjé was a key member of the team that made the 2010 FIFA World Cup such a huge success.

"Pieter's attention to detail, the big picture and meticulous planning, proved to be a rare attribute. He has aided our business to look at the critical factors needed to position ourselves for future growth."

− Mark Herman, Marketing Manager, Die Burger

"With his extensive track record as a communications and media specialist, Pieter Cronjé provided us with valuable insights and proposals to augment our company’s initiatives. His guidance on image and reputation management has added value to our understanding and execution in these specialised areas."

− Nic Cronje, CEO of Golden Arrow Bus Services

"Pieter is an experienced strategist, knowledgeable about our group and many others areas and was therefore excellently suited to facilitate our strategy session. He provided practical input and could simplify and package strategy in understandable terms. We produced a thorough strategic plan."

− Steve Immelman, General Manager Media 24

Who is Pieter Cronjé?


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Skills and Expertise

Pieter is a professional consultant in Cape Town, South Africa with extensive experience in business, government and global events



Leadership Skills




Business Growth Strategy


Brand Management


In the Press and Speeches

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